Sunday November 9th: WiFi 101: Make your own high-gain antennas for 2.4 and 5 GHZ wireless routers!

October 26, 2014
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WifiNot satisfied with the coverage area of the wireless signal in your house? Ever wonder how WiFi works? Don’t have the money to buy $300 on a pair of antennas? Have the DIY spirit? Well then come to HackPittsburgh and make your own!
Meta Mesh, Pittsburgh’s wireless mesh networking company founded at HackPittsburgh, is beginning a series of workshops aimed at better educating the public about WiFi and we’re going to start things off by teaching you how to build your own dipole antennas for use in your own home! Bring your router from home that has external antennas connected via RP-SMA connectors (that’s the most common type of connector for routers) and walk out of there with up to two dipole antennas INCLUDING a basic stand for the antennas. You can make either 2.4GHz or 5GHz-compatible antennas!
Bring your wireless router to HackPittsburgh on Sunday, September 9th at 12pm and you will walk away not only with a new set of antennas but the basic knowledge of how WiFi works, what limits the FCC puts on its usage, and things you can do to improve wireless reception in your house or apartment!
Event Cost is $20
Please click here to register.


October 20, 2014


–  In 1820, HANS CHRISTIAN OERSTED discovered that an electric current
had an effect on the needle of a magnetic compass.

–  We reenact the Oersted experiment, which opened the entire field of

–  See with your own eyes that magnetic fields can PENETRATE SOLID WALLS!

–  We show how to generate magnetic fields with the help of AIR

–  The main event will be the demonstration of a COIL GUN which shoots
pieces of steel coat hangers. The energy powering the gun is stored in
a 5000 microfarad electrolytic capacitor.

–  See how magnetic fields can be detected and measured with a HALL


Saturday, November 15th – (Class) Learn to Solder: Arduino

October 16, 2014

Photo credit: Tyler Cooper

This class will teach you to solder or help you practice your skills if they are a little rusty.  We will guide you through the process of building an Arduino from a kit. Kits will be provided and in the end you will go home with your brand new DIY Arduino ready to make your project dreams come true.

This class is the first in a series of four upcoming monthly classes at HackPittsburgh:

- Learn to Solder: (this class)
- Physical Pixel: learn how to program your Arduino to do things!
- Sensors: learn how to make your Arduino sense and react to the world!
- Intro to Motor Control: use your Arduino to drive basic motors!
- Advanced Motor Control: use your Arduino to drive more complex motors!

While attendance at one class isn’t required to attend any of the others, with this series of classes you can build your own arduino microcontroller and learn how to do cool things with it. As an added bonus, we will be providing discount codes at each class for the following classes. So, the more you learn, the more you save!

Visit EventBright for all the details and to sign up for this class.

Photo credit: Tyler Cooper


Friday Oct 10th: Analog Game Night

October 9, 2014

gamesJoin us Friday, Oct 10th at HackPittsburgh for an evening of old-school fun with classic board and card games, as well as a few of our personal favorites. We will have several games available, but feel free to bring your own to share with the group. We will also be giving tours of our shop and answering any questions you may have about the organization.

Pizza and soda will be provided by HackPittsburgh and you are welcome to bring your own frosty beverages to enjoy.

Free and open to the public! Doors open at 7pm. We’re located at 1936 5th Avenue, in the garage around back on Watson. Look for our flag above the door.


Saturday Oct 18th: HackPGH 5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

October 8, 2014

Hack CakeI’m not sure if you heard, but HackPGH is 5 Years old!

I can’t believe it’s been this long! It seems like just yesterday we opened our doors!

We’d like you to come and celebrate our 5 year anniversary with us at our shop on the 18th of October at 9 PM!

We plan on having some amazing DJs, activities, and a few other surprises!

Four Seasons Brewing Co. will be providing us with some awesome beer!

Clique will be providing some awesome Vodka for mixed drinks!


DJ Lineup:

10 -11 — Keeb$
11 – 12 — ChadIsRad
12 – 1 — Get Nasty
1 – 2 — Chico


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Stay posted. We’ll update this as we go!