HackPittsburgh is a non-profit, community-based workshop that allows members to come together and share skills & tools to pursue creative projects. Our membership is open to everyone but typically comprises inventors, engineers, scientists, programmers, hobbyists, artists, roboteers, families, entrepreneurs, and arts and crafts enthusiasts. Our focus is on collaboration, education, and community outreach. We’re a benevolent group and do not promote or condone illegal activities. The term “hacking” is used in a benign sense, in the context of deconstructing and understanding objects and systems and re-purposing existing materials for new and innovative uses.

We have many events which are open to the public and usually free, where people can come in for interesting talks or presentations and see the shop and what we have to offer. See the calendar. http://www.hackpittsburgh.org/calendar 

We have two days a week Monday and Saturday nights at 7:00pm when the shop is open to the public and someone is guaranteed to be there. This is the best time to come and get a tour of HackPittsburgh.

Details on most events are posted to the blog on our main page somewhere between a few days and a week prior to the event.

We host several outside groups who meet in our space and whose events are also open to the public. Check out the calendar on the right for those and other events and activities.

Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of HackPittsburgh! (Note: Since this video was made we got a few new tools and did some space improvements, a new tour will be posted soon! But this should give you a general idea)


Contact information

Official name: HackPittsburgh
Website: http://hackpittsburgh.org
Email: info@hackpittsburgh.org
Flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/hackpgh/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/HackPGH (use hashtag #HackPGH)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HackPGH/
Calendar: Google Calendar


1936 5th Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 in the garage around the back of the building on Watson St.

Google Map

You can also put 1960 watson street, Pittsburgh, PA in your GPS

Here is a parking map: http://www.hackpittsburgh.org/?attachment_id=3870