Friday,February 12:Introductory Programming in Python: Free Course

February 2, 2016

  This is an INTRODUCTORY class for people wanting to start learning how to program computers. It is intended for people who have never programmed anything before; we can’t cram an entire college-level programming class into one evening, but this class should leave you in a good place to keep learning on your own or […]


Friday,October 23: Public Talk- Learn how to make your own video game! Talk 2 of 3

October 13, 2015

This is a series of 3 talks on how to design your own video game for the personal computer. This is talk 2 of 3. Talk 1: Game development tools A programmer’s overview of what sorts of game development libraries and tools are out there, what they do, and how to choose ones that work […]


Wednesday,October 21: Back to the Future Day at HackPGH!

October 13, 2015 This coming October 21st marks a monumental day in the fictitious world of Back to the Future, a date that millions of fans of the trilogy have been anticipating for decades. When Dr. Emmet Brown tells Marty McFly, “Something’s gotta be done about your kids” at the conclusion of the first film, the duo […]


Friday, July 10th: Event: Nikola Tesla’s Birthday

July 6, 2015

Nikola Tesla was born 159 years ago this Friday July 10. To celebrate, the Tesla Club at HackPittsburgh is hosting some presentations related to Nikola Tesla and his work. See Tesla Club website: The following presentations will take place: Presentation by Luc Berger: • We demonstrate Tesla’s induction motor, based on the magic of […]


Friday, Nov 14th: Digital Game Night – Artemis – Starship Bridge Simulator

November 14, 2014

Anyone who has watched Star Trek has probably imagined stepping onto the bridge and channeling their inner Kirk. Well here’s your chance! This Friday at HackPittsburgh, we will be playing Artemis, the Spaceship Bridge Simulator. A description of the game based on the website ( Artemis is a multiplayer, multi-computer networked game for Windows computers […]