Class: Intro to Lighting Techniques

August 8, 2009

The Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest has asked us to put on some classes to help the artists applying for their Arbor Aid call-for-artists. This class is also open to HackPgh members at a discount and the public at large. The first class will be held at the HackPittsburgh shop at 6pm on  August 13. The sign up link is: here.

In this class, you’ll learn about many of the options available for lighting including:

  • Light fixtures
    • Demo
    • Sources
    • Basic wiring for lamps, etc.
  • LED
    • Demo
    • Colors / Sizes / Types
    • Type of multi-LED modules
    • LED Strips
    • Basic LED wiring
      • Basic how-to use LEDs
      • Parallel vs. Series
      • Voltage issues
  • EL Wire –  wires that glow when you power them (they call it “poor man’s neon”)
    • Demo
    • Basic EL Wire wiring how-to
  • Fiber Optic Light
    • Demo
    • Techniques
    • Sources
  • Dynamic lighting (digitally controlled for patterns etc.)
    • Overview of using an Arduino to produce lighting effects
    • Demo

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  1. I just signed up. Should be fun!

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