Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

July 16, 2009

Come by Friday night (7/17) and beat the heat with Liquid Nitrogen. Bring your favorite ice cream mix and see it instantly turned into a delicious treat instead of waiting for hours for it to churn. Bring a project to work on while you are enjoying your desert.

3 Responses to “Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream”

  1. Well, I think the liquid nitrogen ice cream might be the perfect excuse to finally check out Hack Pittsburgh.

  2. I must say the ice cream was unique and delicious. The vanilla was light and sublime, while the chocolate was decadent. Thanks to Matt for providing the mixer and to Josh for bringing the ingredients and the liquid N2 and for being our dauntless chef. Taste buds were stimulated, and nobody was injured in the process. Success!

  3. The liquid N2 ice cream was really awesome…. we should post the videos somewhere….
    Thanks to everyone for making this possible !!

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