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May 9, 2016

May 13th: Intro to the Unix Command Line aka Magical Runes


When and Where: May 13th 7:30pm at HackPGH

Synopsis: This is an introductory class for getting started using the Linux command line. Whether you want to manage a web server, make the most of a weak computer such as a Raspberry Pi or old PC, or just have fun messing around computers, knowing a few things about getting around a Linux command line will only make your life easier.

The class will cover:
* Basic usage, system monitoring and
* Pipelines and I/O redirection
* Simple shell scripting
* Introduction to useful power tools
* Chat with other users like it’s 1973!

You will need to bring a laptop but that’s it. If you are using a Windows machine, this program here as well:

May 14th: Introduction to Electronic Sensors Class (for Arduino)


When and Where: May 14th 10am-2pm at HackPGH

Buy tickets here!

What is this class:

This is the next class in HackPittsburgh’s series of classes for 2016. We are continuing on the journey to be able to build your own robot or 3d printer. Now that you know basic arduino programming, its time to spice things up and get a bit more advanced.

In the last class you learned about the photoresistor sensor, and you used it to control a traffic light.

In this class you will learn about many more types of sensors, including: switches, voltage dividers, potentiometers, IR/ultrasonic distance sensors, and my personal favorite, the accelerometer (you have one in your smartphone. It allows your phone to do magic!)

You will learn the electrical and physics properties of these sensors and the proper way to use them, including various tricks to remove noise, and get the most efficiency out of them.

What do I get for my money?

You will receive:

• Breadboard, jumper wires, a couple of switches, potentiometer, IR/ultrasonic distance sensor, accelerometer, 9V battery. various resistors.

• You will also receive the knowledge to use these sensors properly, and personal help from experienced engineers at HackPittsburgh to get started with your sensors project.

• If you took the Basic Arduino Programming Class on April 2, you also get 10% off this class. Email for the code. Remember, the more you learn, the more you save!

How close am I to building a robot or 3d printer if I take this class?

You are actually very close. A robot or 3d printer needs a brain (computer or Arduino), sensors (learn about them in this class), and motors (learn about them in the next class).  You also need to know basic machine tool skills (come to HackPGH during mechanical club and we will teach you!)

You should know the very basics of C/C++ or similar language, and basic familiarity with your Arduino. If you are new to Arduino, we will help you get started.

This class requires that you have an Arduino. If you don’t have one, let us know and we can sell you one. The type of Arduino doesn’t matter (Uno, Mega, Due, etc).

Recommended Age Group: 8-99 (kids must be accompanied by adults)

Lunch: Light refreshments will be served during lunch. We will order Pizza together at $5 a person (depending on number of people)

More Classes for 2016!!!

• Basic Electricity and Electronics (if you missed it, will be repeated soon)

• Learn to Solder (March 26)

• Basic Arduino Programming (April 2nd: Arduino Day)

• Sensors Sensors Sensors! (This class)

• Advanced Arduino Programming (TBD)

• Motor Control (TBD)

• Basic Electronics Part 2: Semiconductors and op-amps (TBD)


Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll 2016

May 2, 2016

Congratulations HackPittsburgh members for winning the Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll for the 2nd year in a row! Excellent job to our members who built a driveable Tardis from scratch using the tools at HackPGH!

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Photos Copyright Joachim Hall


Saturday, April 2: Arduino Day Celebration- Learn and Make (Intro to C)

March 29, 2016



April 2nd is Arduino Day. HackPittsburgh is celebrating with a presentation and demonstration and paid class. Come learn, see, and make!

What is an Arduino you ask? 

Its a tiny and cheap portable computer which allows you to do cool stuff and build cool gadgets! Arduino is the most popular gadget used at makerspaces all over the world. It was the fuel of the maker revolution! Be a part of the revolution, learn to program one! Read more here:

The presentation 

We will teach you all about the Arduino, what is a micro-controller and how to use one. It will also be a basic introduction of the C programming language.

Learn More and Make (Paid Class)

If you are interested in learning more, and building something using the arduino, at 11am we are teaching Introduction to Arduino Programming Class: Program your own Traffic Light. The cost covers materials and food.

More details here.

Buy tickets here:


Thank you BoXZY!!!!

March 17, 2016

BoXZY HackPGH Thanks!

We want to personally thank BoXZY for donating one of their revolutinary machines to HackPGH.

This sleek, amazing machine is an all-in-one beast!!! Having a 3D Printer, CNC Machine, and even a Laser Engraver on board, it truly is One Tool to Rule Them All!!! If you haven’t seen one we highly recommend checking their site out then dropping by our shop to see it in person!

We have a feeling this is going to be one of the most popular tools at HackPGH!


<3 HackPGH!


Saturday, March 26:Learn to Solder Class- Make your own Arduino

March 4, 2016
Photo credit: Tyler Cooper

Photo credit: Tyler Cooper

This class will teach you to solder or help you practice your skills if they are a little rusty. We will guide you through the process of building an Arduino from a kit. Kits will be provided and in the end you will go home with your brand new DIY Arduino ready to make your project dreams come true.

Class Time: 10am-4pm (You can leave earlier if you finish soldering earlier, everyone goes at their own pace)

Class Cost: $40 (You get your own Arduino, and the skills to solder! You also get lunch (probably pizza)

Recommended Age Group: 8-99 (kids must be accompanied by adults)

Buy Ticket at:

Special Discount: 

If you buy the soldering class, you get 50% off the Introductory Arduino Programming Class: Intro to C on April 2nd: The next Saturday. Email for the discount code if you plan to buy the Programming Class.

For $60 you will have the knowledge to Solder, Your own Arduino, and the skills to program an Arduino, and your own traffic lights with sensors.

Programming Class Link:

More Classes:

This class is in a series of  upcoming monthly classes at HackPittsburgh:

• Basic Electricity and Electronics (if you missed it, will be repeated soon)

• Learn to Solder (This class)

• Basic Arduino Programming (April 2nd: Arduino Day)

• Advanced Arduino Programming (TBD)

• Sensors Sensors Sensors! (TBD)

• Motor Control (TBD)

• Basic Electronics Part 2: Semiconductors and op-amps (TBD)

While attendance at one class isn’t required to attend any of the others, with this series of classes you can build your own arduino microcontroller and learn how to do cool things with it. As an added bonus, we will be providing discount codes at each class for the following classes. So, the more you learn, the more you save!