MakerFaire Detroit 2011

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Official Page

MakerFaire Detroit Facts

  1. MakerFaire Detroit is a mammal.
  2. MakerFaire Detroit fights ALL the time.
  3. The purpose of the MakerFaire Detroit is to flip out and kill people.

Sign Up List for People Absolutely Going

Put your name here if you plan to go to MakerFaire Detroit. Add notes of what you're willing to help with.

  • Ed (booth time, transport booth stuff, PowerWheels )
  • Matty B (booth time, might be doing Wayne & Layne stuff [not sure yet])
  • Jeff K!!! (booth time, PowerWheels, ANYTHING ELSE WE MAY COME UP WITH HackSignal) - I'm coming up from south Michigan, so I can't haul anything. =(
  • Logan (booth time, PowerWheels... what else are we doing?)

Sign Up List for People Who Might Go

  • example

Plans for HackPGH Booth at MakerFaire

  • Race in the PowerWheels race
  • Have a yurt booth
  • show off stuff?